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We are the experts in commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

About us

Trinity is a company established in the construction industry, specializing in roofs and metal structures. Our expert   staff has over 35 years of experience.


The experience, service and quality in the projects that Trinity has developed, has allowed us to rely on the support     of diverse professionals related to the construction industry such as engineers, architects, developers and contractors among others.


Trinity staff is focused on providing optimum service to provide customers satisfaction. During all these years it has endeavored to provide each client preferential treatment, quick service, emphasized primarily on the quality of work    and materials.


Trinity works specifically with roofing materials and walls of high-quality metal. Among the products and services offered, the isothermal panel Multilayert stands out.


Trinity excellence in construction and reconstruction of stores, workshops, indoor basketball court, stadiums and other sports facilities has made us worthy of a place of preference among customers.

Isothermal Multilayert panel Information
Galvanized Perforated Panel Information
Reroof System
Metal Roof and Steel Structure Information
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