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Excellent for roofing and siding:


  • Warehouses

  • Workshops

  • Basketball courts

  • Stadiums

  • Sport facilities

  • Agricultural facilities



Multilayert Benefits


  • Designed to be resistant to corrosion, which provides durability.


  • One of the components is Galvanized Multilayert Panel steel sheet of 0.63 mm (Ultra) or 0.45 mm (Standard) inside.                  It is covered and protected by a membrane and a bituminous primer. (See data sheet).


  • Thermal insulation capacity.


  • It provides energy saving.


  • Easy replacement


  • Minimum maintenance


  • The upper end and interior of the panel is Multilayert natural aluminum foil, this reflects 90% of sunlight radiating only 4%.        (See sheet Thermal Insulation Capacity).


  • External sound reduction, dampens the sound effect rain and airborne noise. (See technical sound proofing).


  • Photometrical Multilayert evidence shows that the panel is 5 times more comfortable compared to a steel sheet.


  • It is a practical and agile handling and installation product.


  • The Multilayert panel is light, its weight is 8.5 kg / mc (1.7 lb / pc), and length is up to 9.75 ml (32 feet).                                         It is installed on steel, wood, and concrete. (We can provide technical support for the installation).


  • The Multilayert panel has 15-year warranty against corrosion.

Multilayert for agricultural production system


Temperature is a determinant factor in any agricultural production system, because any variation (excess or defect) will directly influence in the quality and quantity of the grains and or animals production.


The MULTILAYERT ISOTHERMIC STEEL PLATES will provide your construction double thermal insulation because of the component’s combination and its colors that will allow greater reflection of the sun rays. The negative effects of high temperature over the agricultural production area are variable because they depend on the different development stages.


It’s been proven that temperatures over 85ºF produces stress on animals and high humidity levels on grains, reducing efficiency in the productivity.  (Read More)


Multilayert Examples

Data Sheet

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